Clarified butter (Ghee)

Ghee is one of the fundamental foodstuffs used in Vedic cooking. Ghee is a type of clarified butter. Ghee is butter that has been processed to remove the milk solids. It’s basically butter oil. It is ideal for cooking. It has delicious nutty flavor and tastes fantastic.

Ghee has a really high smoke point making it useful for high heat cooking (like stir-frying) and long cooking (like stewing). Moreover, once used ghee can be used over and over again until it gets spoilt.

Ghee does not need to be refrigerated. According to Ayurveda (ancient science about health and longevity), long kept ghee has a wholesome effect. It is believed that 100 years old ghee can cure any disease.

Even fresh, just made ghee is very healthy. It is a digestive. It is good for improving memory. It nourishes brain and marrow. It makes a wholesome effect on nervous and hormone systems. It is great for hair, teeth, skin and nails. It doesn’t raise cholesterol. Ayurveda has many recipes of drugs on the basic of ghee. Ghee is considered “liquid gold”.

Use the best quality butter you can get to make ghee. Here in Ukraine, high quality butter is practically impossible to find, as many producers mix butter with margarine. But even if you are lucky enough to have good butter, anyway, we highly recommend using homemade butter.

So, to make ghee you need:

Unsalted butter – 1 kilogram


Step 1. Cut your butter into cubes. This will help your butter melt faster and more evenly.

Step 2. Place the cubes into the saucepan. Heat the butter over medium heat until completely melted. Stir it gently from time to time.

Step 3. Soon it will completely melt and a thick, white foam start to form at the surface. Reduce the heat to medium-low, and let the butter simmer about 1,5 hours. Do not stir it.

Step 4. During the process, the butter will go through several stages. It will foam, and then bubble. Next, the foam will become thinner and the bubbles will become bigger and clearer. At the end, the milk solids will sink to the bottom. Maybe, some milk solids will attach to the pan. Then you will need to stir the butter, scraping the sides and bottom of the pan.

Step 5. Bring a clean dry glass jar to keep ghee in it.

Step 6. Cook ghee until it becomes clear and amber yellow. By the end of the process a crust will arise on the surface. Turn the heat off. Carefully, skim the crust from the surface. Let the ghee cool a bit.

Step 7. Line the sieve with several layers of cheesecloth and set that over the jar. Pour your ghee in.

You may want to aromatize your ghee with spices (caraway seeds, ginger, cloves, bay leaf or some other). To do that put some spices in the small cloth, tie a knot and put it in the ghee. Let it simmer together with spices for some time. Then take it out.

Finished! Store at room temperature unlimited time.

Yield: about 700 ml ghee.

How can you use ghee? Add it to porridge, mashed potatoes, use for frying, deep frying and stewing.

You can add ghee (together with spices such as turmeric, ginger, saffron, cardamom) to hot milk. It is very tasty and healthy drink.

Ghee is widely used for making drugs by Ayurvedic medicine. It is wonderful massage oil.

Cook together with us the food for soul and be happy!

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