Homemade butter (Makhan)

Butter (in the vedic cuisine Makhan) is one of the most important foods for the vegetarians*, and not only for them. Natural butter is rich for the vitamins E, C, A, D and B, which are necessary for our skin, hair, muscles, bones, nails and viscera. Butter has a wholesome effect on our gastrointestinal tract, hormone and nervous systems, increases our capacity for work and removes rapid fatigability. Some people believe that margarine is better than butter. This is a tragic myth. Butter is a completely natural food essential to our health. Margarine, on the other hand, is a processed food, created chemically from refined polyunsaturated oils. Margarine is detrimental to our health.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to buy really natural butter of high quality in the supermarkets. Even if you are lucky to find it, it will be quite expensive. That’s why the best solution is to make butter at home. This will be cheaper for you. This will guarantee the quality of the butter. And, of course, homemade product is always tastier than its supermarket analogue.

To make butter at home you need:

Sweet or sour cream – 1 liter

So, only one ingredient 🙂 If you use sweet cream, the butter will be sweet and more fatty. If you use sour cream, the butter will have a little sour aftertaste.


Step 1. Cool the cream in the fridge during several hours. After that it will become thick. It is not necessary to cool the cream. But if you do so, it will be easier to whip the cream.

Step 2. Put the cold cream into your food processor. You can also use an electric hand mixer or stand mixer. We use the electric hand mixer.

Step 3. Whip the cream. It may take from 5 to 20 minutes to fully whip it into the butter. It depends on the quality and fat content of the cream. Whip on medium speed.

Step 4. The cream changes. First, the cream will turn into whipped cream with soft, then stiff peaks.
Keep going until the cream fully separates from liquid.

Step 5. Squeeze the butter solids in your hands. Our homemade butter is ready! You can use it in your baking, spread on toast, add to porridge or whatever you like!

The liquid remained is buttermilk. Save it, because it is very valuable ingredient. It is rich for many vitamins and minerals. You can drink it, use in your baking and cooking different dishes, for example, cheesy cauliflower pancakes.

If you do not have food processor, you can use a jar with a lit to make butter. Put the cream into the jar, close a lit and shake the jar in your hands until the butter is separated. You can also make the butter by your hands only. Put the cream into some pan or bowl, dip your hands into the cream and stir and squeeze it until the cream fully separates from liquid.

Yield: 500-800 gr of butter (it depends on fat content of the cream).

*When we write “vegetarians” we mean people consuming vegetables, fruits and also dairy products. We do not mean vegans, who eat no products of animal origin.

Cook together with us the food for soul and be happy!

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