Welcome to the website “VEGFOOD. Vegetarian recipes”!

Our website is about vegetarianism as a philosophy, a lifestyle and a special diet. You will find here many recipes of the vegetarian dishes and a lot of useful information about vegetarianism and healthy life-style.

Now let’s introduce ourselves 🙂 We are married couple. Our names are Peter and Oksana. We are from Lviv (Ukraine). We are keen on vedic cooking. At first we cooked only for ourselves and our relatives. With time our hobby became something more than only an interesting pastime. We began to cook for people participated in seminars, trainings on healthy life-style and personal development and even for weddings. Many people who liked our food asked us for the recipes of the dishes. That’s how the idea of our own website appeared and we created this blog.

Here we are going to share our recipes with you. That will be ancient traditional recipes of the vedic cuisine as well as our own recipes. And even if you are not a vegetarian still you will find here a lot of interesting and useful information which will help you to make your food more varied.

If you have any quastions, please, ask them on info@vegfood.com.ua or facebook.

Cook together with us the food for soul and be happy!

P.S. We are not English speaking people. We are just learning English. So please forgive us for making mistakes while writing in English.